The warranty, Uptime, and Location of a server

Even though you are sure that the hosting you choose is of sufficient quality and provides good service, you are still advised to look for a warranty. It’s because if at any time your hosting service has a problem and results in your website, you don’t lose too much. On the other hand, you may use the $1 hosting service if you need to save your budget efficiently.

That’s the importance of the warranty …

Your anxiety is slightly reduced if there is a warranty provided by the hosting service provider.

Apart from that, also consider Server Uptime.

In essence, server uptime is the speed of the server in responding to visitors who open your website. The greater the server uptime rate, the better the hosting server’s performance.

My advice should you choose hosting that has server uptime above 99%. That means only 1% every day, your website is down. If counted, then your website will experience down (cannot be opened) for 14.4 minutes (60 x 24/100).

High server uptime is very important because if you don’t care about server uptime and you choose to host that is careless, it can happen:

You lost your visitors

Your website rank is down

Your loyal visitors will leave

Surely you don’t want it if the incident happened to you? For this reason, do not underestimate server uptime on the hosting service that you will choose.

Then, the most important one is the server’s location.

Logically, if visitors open your website with servers that are close enough to them, surely the response time will be faster when compared to the location of your website server that is far from visitors.

Before determining the location of the server, you need to analyze your target market (visitors) from which area. For example, visitors are mostly from Thailand, then you can use a server from Singapore.

The quality of servers in Singapore is not inferior to servers in other developed countries such as the United States. Singapore server quality is arguably far better than the quality of local servers (Thailand).