Things you must do when you’re using a vapor

Do not forget to lock your fuse button when it will be stored and put into a pocket or pocket, because if we forget or do not lock the fuse button it can be saved when it can be squashed and if that happens it can cause the atomizer to burn and we must remove more money to replace it. In the meantime, don’t forget to also learn to turn concentrates into e liquid.

If you go anywhere, especially when going to travel far and want to bring your vaporizer, don’t forget to prepare all kinds of necessities such as cotton, spare atomizer, and most importantly the liquid.

In order for your vape to last and last a long time, don’t forget to take care of it by cleaning it or by using another method according to the electronic cigarette you use. You can browse or share with each other in the vape community how to take care of your vape.

We recommend that you have more than one drip tip to change the dressing, one is your personal one and the other is for people who will borrow or taste your vape, or for a change when you are washing your drip tip to keep it steric.

The battery should also have more than one, in case you keep the battery one out or in charge you can still enjoy your vape with another battery.

Maybe, in fact, there are still many things that can and should not be done when holding, using and upgrading the vaporizer but not listed above. If you have or know about this, let’s share with the Minister of Communication this article so that existing vapers can use their vapors safely.