Find Out The Signs That You Waste Your Time When Using Social Media for Marketing!

Wasting time on social media as a consumer is not so bad, especially when you’re trying to take a break from your homework or office, but wasting time on social media as a businessperson can cause big problems.

You probably already understand, that social media marketing is now important to increase consumer engagement. Wasting time in using social media means to waste money, potential, and opportunities to develop. The three signs below are a sign that you have wasted time using social media. When you spend your money on the best social media marketing services, make sure you don’t waste your time by doing these:

1. Join on every social media platform

How many are social media platforms actively used for your business? Many companies or brands experience misperception, that if they want to succeed in social media marketing, they need to create accounts on every social media platform from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line, Pinterest, and more.

What you need to know is that creating accounts on many social media platforms means that you need to spend time each day maximizing content creation to be effective. It would be a waste if you take the time to create content for a platform that your customers are not interested in using. For example, your consumers are teenagers aged 13-17 who like to use Line. Of course, it would be a waste if you create a Pinterest account right?

2. Forgot to interact

If you want your social media strategy to function properly, you should not forget to establish relationships with consumers. Some tips you can do to interact with consumers:

– Make a conversation by asking questions related to the brand or product you have: Ask questions that are not only relevant to your industry but also consumers, or even about topics that are popular.

– Respond to questions or consumer responses: Whatever questions or comments given by consumers on your social media, you must respond.

– Give a solution: If consumers need help, let others know that they can reach you through social media.