The strong points of the Arabic language

Among the features of Arabic is its ability to accommodate information in short letters. A phrase consisting of only two or three words in Arabic is capable of providing a very broad and profound explanation. An ability that never existed in any other language. Hence, there has never been a translation of the Qur’an that can be made shorter than its Arabic. All the languages of mankind will be long-winded and long-termed when describing the contents of the content of each verse. For example, the pronunciation of ‘ain in that language that means eye, has many other meanings. Apart from that, perhaps you need to try to take the online Arabic learning as well.

Furthermore, in accordance with the function of the Qur’an, one of which as a guide of life in all areas of life, the Qur’an must contain a variety of materials and information in accordance with various materials and information in accordance with various disciplines. We know that the language and the terms used in every discipline are different. It may be an expert in a particular field will feel strange when hearing the terms that exist in other fields. If a guide covering the various disciplines should be incorporated into a simple book, there must be a young, simple language but still contains a lot of important information in it. Well, Arabic is able to express a wide range of information from various disciplines but remains fluid and easy to understand.