How to Maintain Smartphone Performance Used to Play Games

Charging the battery with a charger is sometimes underestimated by its users. In times of emergency sometimes the users borrow a friend’s charger or Powerbank. But the impact will be bad for your smartphone if you continue to use a charger that is not original. Keep using the original charger at least 5 times a week. Here are also some tips that you can use if you often use your cell phone to play games. You can also visit our website to get caesars free coins.

– When Charge When the Battery Is Really Out, Don’t Turn it on

This is the most common mistake people make when charging the smartphone battery when it is completely used up. After plugging the charger, they will quickly turn on the smartphone. For information, this can endanger the performance of the smartphone and may cause the OS to fail to boot and make your smartphone loop or alias load continuously. If you want to turn it on, unplug the new charger again after turning it on.

– Restart Smartphone 2 Days Once

Maintaining RAM performance is also needed to keep the condition of the smartphone machine still excellent. When playing games, RAM will be full of useless garbage that cannot be completely lost even though it is cleaned. To overcome this, restart the smartphone at least 2 days to refresh the RAM performance to return.

– Dim the screen on your cell phone

The quality of the monitor or screen’s brightness turns out to be oh it can also affect when you run a game on your Android phone, even though it’s a game in the form of offline or online. If you force it to get the maximum quality screen brightness, the impact is that the battery on the Android mobile will run out / wasteful. Not only that, it turns out that the way your Android phone works will also get a burden if you increase the quality of your screen to a high level. It’s better to use the phone screen enlightenment method automatically, where your cell phone will adjust the quality level of the screen brightness on your cell phone when you are outdoors or indoors.