How to do the proper flop shot technique

A flop shot produces a ball that rises straight up high then stops shortly after landing on the ground. This type of a shot can be done in the following manner that we’re going to share with you. On the other hand, you might want to visit to find a high-quality golf course in Thailand.

How to do Flop Shot

To be able to do a flop shot correctly, you must prepare a 60-degree angle wedge stick or high-wedges stick.

Position the ball in your middle or a little ahead between the legs.

Aim the golf club face up as if you were balancing a glass of water on the surface of the golf club.

The surface of the golf stick will face to the right of the target. While the position of your legs, waist, and shoulders will be on the side of the golf stick.

This position will result in a ball that is very high and soars, leading directly to the target.

When practicing a flop shot, you can add a line of help by placing a golf stick along the front line of the golf stick used to hit and aim directly at the target. Place one more golf stick along the foot line where you stand so that it looks parallel to the previous golf club line.

Focus on doing one full swing according to the foot line and rest assured that your swing will deliver the ball right near the pin. Push the ball up instead of forward so that the ball will soar.