List of Asian Games Events since 1951

The Asian Games are sports events involving all Asian countries. This sports event is held by the OCA (Olympic Council of Asia). This event is the second largest sports event after the Olympics. Like the Olympics, the Asian Games are celebrated and held every 4 years. Currently, the Asian Games have been held 17 times. The 18th Asian Games will be held in our country. On the other hand, perhaps you also need to visit Venue ASIAN Games 2018 to know the latest updates regarding the upcoming Asian Games 2018.

1st Asian Games, 1951 in Delhi, India

2nd Asian Games, 1954 in Manila, Philippines

3rd Asian Games, 1958 in Tokyo, Japan

4th Asian Games, 1962 in Jakarta, Indonesia

5th Asian Games, 1966 in Bangkok, Thailand

The 6th Asian Games, 1970 in Bangkok, Thailand

7th Asian Games, 1974 in Tehran, Iran

8th Asian Games, 1978 in Bangkok, Thailand

The 9th Asian Games, 1982 in Delhi, India

The 10th Asian Games, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea

11th Asian Games, 1990 in Beijing, China

12th Asian Games, 1994 in Hiroshima, Japan

13th Asian Games, 1998 in Bangkok, Thailand

14th Asian Games, 2002 Busan, South Korea

15th Asian Games, 2006 in Doha, Qatar

16th Asian Games, 2010 in Guangzhou, China

17th Asian Games, 2014 in Incheon, South Korea

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